Fantastic Bootcamp

I have just about recovered, physically, from the Bootcamp offered here by MHU. I want to thank everyone involved, particularly Steve Case who signed me up at the last minute and Cory Donaldson for being so frank and willing to share major blunders so we can avoid them. They both put their ALL into this event. Also thanks to Sarah and Blake for their coordinating of events. Additional thanks go to guest speakers Fred Balke, Bo, Erica, and Blake (again).

I was considering going to the next one, figuring I couldn’t afford it right now. Next thing you know, I’m looking at a 111 space park thinking: I need more education before I jump on this. Thank goodness I did. Not only did I get some realistic reviews of the park in question but I learned sooo much more and met new friends and business partners.

A little about the Bootcamp: It is so jam packed with practical information, it is hard to keep up. When it was over I felt as exhausted as I have after taking a major national exam for licensing or board certification. The difference being, in a major exam you are attempting to apply in a short period of time what you have learned over a long period of time. At the bootcamp you are doing the opposite: Learning in a short period of time what you will apply over a long period of time.

It is not for newbies. If you haven’t done a Lonnie Deal, get one to five under your belt first. It is for the experienced Lonnie Dealer, small park operator looking to get bigger, new park owner looking for additional information or an owner looking for another park.

Now it is our turn to apply the knowledge we’ve gained.

Happy Trail(er)s,


I am glad you took away so much knowledge.

Steve and Corey do a great job…and you are the second person I have heard say it is an advanced type of Bootcamp. something I heard Steve say at MHM was it was for advanced, serious, investors.

I have found there are different Bootcamps, seminars, etc. for different levels of individual expertise. The different hosts do all in their power to ensure that the content is correct for the individual investor…I have bought books that made no sense to me until doing several deals…very good advice!

There is a world of knowledge out there if you know the right folks. there is not a day that goes by that I don’t (mentally) thank Ernest Tew for helping me get started in this biz…