Failing septic, walk or repair?

Looking for advice,
looking at a park with failing septic. It’s in sand so the excavation would be cheap and fast but the county is saying that it may require a septic tank per unit (40 Units). I do have the space for that many tanks
and leech fields but am looking for cheaper options.
Are there some community options for septic tanks/fields that others have done to handle the volume yet utilize less tanks? In this area, it’s likely around 7-10k per tank/field to replace.
Rents are way below market so I think we can actually recover costs within a year.
Options? Ideas?

One of my parks has an aerobic system that works well. One leach field serves 16 homes. We have 8 tanks (2 homes/tank) and those 8 feed down into two settling tanks prior to the aerobic tank, followed by a pump tank to the field. So, 16 homes, ~12 tanks, 1 leach field. Many of those tanks existed prior to the new leach field going in and our state was OK with leaving / continuing to use those.

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