Experience with Septic Systems

Hi Gang,

I am buying a park with septic systems. The inspector I hired said they will poop out (pardon the pun) in 3-5 years. The on-site manager said they are relatively inexpensive to replace. But I have also heard horror stories involving the local health agencies arresting and jailing non-compliant owners.

Does anyone have experience with older septic systems?

Thanks, Peter

What was the reason the inspector gave for the septic system failing in 3 to 5 years? My parks and most of my land/home properties are on septic systems. One park has been on the same, undersized systems for over 30 years. Yes, they do require pumping the tank of all solids every few years but typically that is all that is needed if water usage is kept under control.

Replacing them in my area of NC runs several thousands of dollars depending if you are talking running new leach field lines and if you have the land to do so.

Again, it would be best to know why this inspector felt your system was doomed.