Experience with Grills and Picnic Areas for Tenants

I am going to put in grills and picnic tables for tenants to use but am concerned with them properly disposing of ash and keeping them in good condition. Any recommendations or suggestions to watch out for?

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Be prepared to have your manager do it, because the tenants will not.


I put in a nice pavilion with 2 picnic tables a few yrs ago. Have not seen a tenant use it yet!

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Yes, people don’t use them. Put in a playground instead.

Thanks @JAY-E and @asmith4981

Do you allow them to use their own grills? Is that maybe why they don’t use the park ones?

If it is in my opinion I am allowed to use the grills. And next, our family and our neighbour planned a combo picnic. All preparations are almost done through TurnKey Vacation Rentals Coupons. I hope mine was experience was better than you.