Expanding the park

Just got our survey in and found we have room for about 40 more homes. Now our park is 65 single wide sites in indiana. there is no city planning dep. so upping the number will be the easy part. My question to the great people of this forum is how do I get started. do i need an engineer to draw up the plans or what? any and all help will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance



What a dream no planning department. Does that mean no code inspections?

I hassle with planning and inspections on every home I put in my park. The city never wanted the park built that I own so I deal with their attitude constantly. Anyway

I would start by having a site map drawn showing all the demensions of the new lots and the roads. Then you will need a utility map ( under ground electric, sewer ? septic ? water lines ). Good Luck

Brian, Where are you locted in IN? We were thinking of doing the same thing soon. Perhaps we can share info. We are located a little bit north of cental IN.


we are located about 30 min southwest of Bloomington. I am always open for sharing info. thats what makes this site so great!!! ill let you know what we find out.

as for the code inspections its not bad at all, just the state health dep.