Examples of sold parks

You mention that about 50% of recent park sales have owner financing. That means that the other 50% are still being financed by banks? Not a bad sign, there is hope for financing then.

My question: Your listings on this website show parks for sale and then occasionally it says “sold”

Is it possible to see the details of the ones that did sell somewhere so we can learn what is going on in the market?

How many deals are sold for cash?

What is the average down payment in the market? Has it gotten lower recently?

Did seller take a lower amount than the original asking? Did seller give terms?

Did bank place a new first? up to what % LTV?

What kind of interest rates can current buyers expect to pay?

Just thought there might be a away to learn from others experience. It will also help with how to structure offers if we know what kinds of deals are closing.