Evictions on poh

i have about 80 poh. ive been lenient with enforcing the due on the 1st late late on the 5th rule as stated in the leases because i would have to do an eviction on a lot of people. but now i chase 20 people down all month long. How do you guys handle when to start eviction. im in florida where it only take 45 days from start to fininsh and $202. thanks for your advise in advance.

Start selling your POHs and charge lot rent only. You may want to talk to Mantoni Legal. It’s all she does: https://www.mantonilegal.com/

I issue the pay or quit notice on the day after rent is due, begin the eviction the day our landlord tenant regulation permit when rent is not paid in full.
Evict one or two late payers and word gets around. If you are strict with your eviction policy every time without exception you will put a end to late payments. Always issue the pay or quit notice the day after rent is due. Without exception charge the maximum late fee allowable every time they go the 5 days. I personally do not keep any tenant that has been late 3 times.
Once you have reached the legal point of beginning the actual eviction do not accept any payments… proceed with the eviction. Leniency will send the wrong message to irresponsible tenants, there is absolutely no place for compassion when resolving late payment issues. Late payment is never due to a lack of money it is always due to poor money management. The landlord has sent the message that payment on time is not required therefor not important to the tenant.
When screening new tenants make it crystal clear that you evict any tenants that choose to pay late.