Evictions...Friendly Little Reminders

Evictions = Friendly Little Reminders

Frank’s saying:
“No Pay - No Stay”

When my Husband and I purchased our first Mobile Home Park, Frank’s saying “No Pay - No Stay” rang in our ears.

Thus, we diligently filed Evictions for “Non-Payment”.

The problem was our “Payment Responsibilities”:

  • Due=1st
  • Eviction Process=Starts On The 20th

Quickly, I learned a “Life Lesson”:

  • “People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If you do not like it, change the power you allow them have over you.” ~Unknown

Thus, eventually we changed our “Payment Responsibilities” to be:

  • Due=1st
  • Eviction Process=Starts On The 6th

Initially, I also was under the assumption (bad thing) that others (specifically our Tenants) would prioritize their Bills with “Shelter” being at the top.

I have since learned another “Life Lesson”:

  • “People don’t have money problems; they have priority problems. Get your priorities right and your money will get right.” Larry Winget

Many years later I now just view “Evictions” as “Friendly Little Reminders”.

We wish you all the very best!


Time certainly does change a new landlord.
Many enter the rental business with assumptions that are dead wrong about people and wonder how seasoned investors can appear to be so callous toward tenants. It is quite a learning curve.
It requires owners to step back from all personal attachments and operate strictly as a business. Evictions are a basic tool of the business.

The general population lives pay check to pay check by choice not by circumstance. It is our responsibility as landlords to teach tenants to make the right choices.


Great advice Kristin and Greg. It’s a hard lesson and one i’ve had to (and continue) to learn the hard way. I especially like the Larry Winget quote.

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