Eviction Served - Backlash?

I was on here before about a mobile that sold without our approval. The advice was to wait on the background check. We live in Oklahoma. The background check was horrendous. So now we are approaching the 1st of the month. Served the eviction letter as well as the background company served the denial letter. Tenant contacted me to let me know they have legal 30 days to reside on the property but that they would be out accordingly. They are angry because they mentioned speaking with our other tenants, so it seems the idea is to make our next 30 days difficult. Can we deny entrance to the park? Or do we have to deal with this for the next 30 days?

This is one of those cases where you have GOT to let a licensed attorney quarterback this for you. I can see a bunch of litigation scenarios that could develop based on what you do next.

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No, they have rights and TRY to remember 30 days can go fast or slow stay away from them and there guests and try to indicate by your guidelines you will not tolerate a sale without a background check to your other residents.

Sorry for the minor rant that follows but one of my pet peeves is individuals starting a business having done no research on the regulations governing that business. Landlords being some of the most negligent of all.

"Can we deny entrance to the park"

I have said this before and will probably repeat many times that landlords are responsible for knowing and understanding the state landlord/tenant regulations. Every landlord regardless of whether they own a single family, apartment building or MHP has the responsibility of researching and knowing their state regulations to be a responsible landlord.
Every business owner, regardless of the business, must learn the laws governing that business.
All the information is available on line most likely on a government web site. Information protects not only you but also your tenants. Learn and operate your business with the full knowledge that you are doing so legally.
First learn the codes then ask questions for clarification of those codes by state. This would be much more beneficial as any individual not owning a park in your state would then not post a response.

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Greg, I have parks in Ok. and have the state guidelines in my office handy at
ALL TIMES and do understand them, thanks!!!

You operate the same as I do. Regulations within reach at all times.

I think it would be helpful if we had a sticky post with the web address for the regulations of each state that park owners could link to and maybe a list of park owners identified as being familiar with the regulations for specific states.

For Ok you would be a handy source for clarification of the regulations.

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Park owners aren’t born Greg and I have the regulations within reach so thanks. I thought this was a site for owners and potential owners to share, not belittle others. Their is more to this situation that I spared you with so the questions were more about recourse to erratic behavior yet staying within the law being a park owner etc. You don’t have to respond to every post, move on to those you feel you can help. Thank you for your advice Frank, my lawyer helped tremendously and was nice enough to do it for free since he respects the fact that we are new to the business.

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Once again I am glad to hear that as a landlord you have the regulations close at hand, surprisingly my experience has shown that you are in the minority.
In your case the basic level of your question regarding denying entrance to your park was such that it indicated no basic knowledge of the regulations and therefor my response was target such.
I do respect your opinion and rather than impose my opinions I will refrain from posting in the future as I believe there are more than enough knowledgeable individuals on here to answer all questions.