Eviction in Texas for not Park Own Homes

We have a case of a tenant who has papers showing he owns the home but the home is not registered in the Texas Department of Housing nor the county. We went to court to evict him because he does not pay rent. We won the judgement by default. Then we did the writ of possession but the constable told us that we have to get a moving company, a licensed plumber, and an electrician to disconnect the home and move the mobile home. All three must show up at the same time while the constable is there. I thought on the eviction with chapter 94 in Texas that the constable can prevent him from coming to the lot. We want to stop him from taking the lot because he is not paying rent, not cutting the grass, and not paying water. Does anyone have experience in dealing with eviction for non park owned homes?

I think you need an attorney to review you tenants lease. In our leases it clearly states if the tenant is evicted and owns the mobile home they are responsible to remove it after the eviction within so many days.
You will need to contact a lawyer as I am not sure why any personal property including the mobile home does not become property of the park.