Evicting someone not on the lease

We have a home in our park where the resident who is on the lease moved away and left the home. Only problem is that they let someone move in that is not on the lease and they refuse to vacate the property. This park is in Kansas. Has anyone dealt with an issue like this where you need to evict someone that isnt on the lease and the owners of the home are nowhere to be found?

We just finished the eviction of some folks who moved in without a lease and plan to stay even with denied application. (previous owner sold them the home without checking with us)They didn’t respond to any notices of ours until the legal notice was on the door.

I checked with Sheriff’s office to see if they would remove the occupants and they would not come out for a trespass call. They said it would be a civil matter. We ended up using a lawyer to evict. Took about 30 days, we are also in Kansas

Sounds like this is your first time, so get an attorney. You’ll learn what to do and how to do it, and next time you can handle it yourself (or your manager can do it).

But this is quite common. Generally you can file an eviction and write in on the form the last known renter’s name ‘and all current occupants.’ The process server will then serve them with the notice of court date.

We did just run into a complication with one court; they said we could not evict someone that way, and that we had to have their name. But the court sent a Sheriff out two days later and asked the squatter his name and he provided it. So we then knew whom to file the eviction on, and things went smoothly from there.

As you are probably gathering from other posters on this website, the best way to run a mobile home park is to enforce the rules strictly and quickly. That creates an environment of respect and a safe community for families making minimum wage to raise their children in. It’s a win/win for you and the residents.