Evicted Tenant Still Living in Park

Need some advice. We evicted a tenant, who the sheriff had to push out the home. Then, she declares that she will be living in one of the other tenant’s home for several weeks until she finds her own place. What is the best path to move her out? Options we are thinking of include: 1) issuing her a letter stating that she is not allowed on park grounds and will be considered trespassing should she be on the property, and 2) telling the tenant she moved into that (according to the park’s rules) guests are allowed for up to two weeks maximum. Would some experienced operators please provide some ideas of what is the best way to proceed? Thanks.

I’m not familiar with the laws in every state, but in most states, an eviction bans the tenant from coming back on the property, which includes staying with a neighbor. You need to consult your local state MHA on the facts, including calling your local justice court and asking them the rules. Worst case, you can use the requirement that all residents have to be screened and, since the tenant was just evicted, they already flunked and can’t live there. But, of course, the truth is that you can never truly police all the mobile homes all the time, and the tenant can just move in with somebody else and you’ll probably never know it. If the tenant is causing a problem, then call the police or non-renew the lease wherever they’re staying, But don’t put out any effort to toss them out if it’s for any reason beyond economics. Human instinct is that you want to punish the tenant for not paying rent, but investing additional time and money on a worthless tenant is only throwing good money after bad.

When someone is evicted from my community they are no longer allowed back on the property for any reason.

I have a standard policy that in the case of an eviction the individual is immediately issued a No Trespass Notice. The form is available on line or at your local police detachment. I give it to the individual the day they leave (evicted) and deliver a copy to the police as well.

I do this for every eviction regardless of what ties they may have in the community whether it be family or friends.

Once some one forces me to go through the process of eviction they are no longer welcome on my property as they could potentially cause trouble or damage.

Just did one two weeks ago with the exact situation you have - tenant evicted and then wanting to move in temporarily with friend in park. Not in my community.

Thank you Frank.

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Both of your comments provide valuable information and advice, and are much appreciated.