Evicted, bank lien, now what?

Judge granted Forcible Entry and Detainer. 7 days have passed. Home is still there so attorney can file for eviction. Bank has a lien. Tenant is useless and moved out. Mother-in-law is wants to take the trailer out of the park. About $1200 owed in back rent plus $260 Aug rent is due today. She says they are getting quotes and intend to move it as quickly as possible and then will try and sell it.

Do I say to heck with it and let it go? Press the bank or the mother in law for Aug rent? Refuse to let it go until Aug rent is paid? Mother-In-law’s name is not on the lease. Slap a lien on it for back rent?

I don’t want it to sit rent free while they are waiting for a mover.

Make a deal, to keep the home in the park while they pay rent and attempt to sell it?