Evaluating a mhp with 50% park owned homes

I’m looking at a 46 space park that has 44 spaces occupied.  Average lot rent is $170/mo with utilities included.  This is a bit low for this market.  The only problem that I can see is that there are 21 park owned homes.  My plan would be to sell the homes to the current tenants or have them move out and get new tenants that will buy the home.  I have two questions:1) Is a park with 50% park owned homes too many and placing me at unnecessary risk if I try to sell the homes to the tenants ala boot camp plan?  The other parks in the area are full2)  How is the best way to value these homes?  I have no ability to look at a home and arrive at a reasonable value.thanks

You indicated that your plan is to sell the mobile homes.Selling the mobile homes takes time.  During that time frame a lot of things can go wrong.Thus, if this is your first MHP and you are not a handyman/woman nor have an excellent handyman/woman, I would pass.However, if you are physically close to the MHP and are a handyman/woman or have an excellent handyman/woman and all the other details work, I would go for it. My Husband and I are all about learning from others and taking workshops/classes.However, there is a point that you just need to plunge in there feet first.You have to decide at what point that is :-).We wish you the very best!

It this is your first park–pass and do not look back.

Thanks for the comments and advice.  I appreciate it.

bnonweiler,Depending on the specifics and location, we might be interested.  If you pass on the deal, please let me know - we are looking to purchase another park right now.  Send me a PM, thanks.Robbie