Engineer For Developing or Adding on to Existing Park

Has anyone used an engineer to design MHP’s or additions to existing MHP’s? Has anyone dont this that can lend some words or encouragement, costs, info, etc.?

We have added 35 spaces in the past 15 years and will add another 12 in the next two years. We have no zoning thus have no need of a stamped engineer plans except what we do for sewage. Our costs are about $3000 per site but with city zoning plan on triple that.

I am currently in the process of adding 10 lots onto our park.  Survey work to provide initial plat plans for Planning Commission hearing and elevation readings for drainage just completed.  I just got the invoice as of this posting.  $2,400.  Very high.We are now moving to the engineering portion which will also have to be submitted and publically hear before the Planning Commission. Originally quoted somewhere around $3,000, but I will bet on higher.Expensive, but everything is moving forward