Electronic timecards?

If you are trying to manage home rehab from long distance you know it is challenging. In our current system all workers fax timesheets to our home office every 2 weeks. Most of the park managers do not have the skills or desire to monitor the timecards very well so it becomes a hassle to get through all the timesheets. And yes we try to do as much as possible on fixed bid labor but there are always hourly tasks as well. I would like to change to a system where each worker can log onto a computer and update their timecards daily. That way I can check on their work more frequently and we don’t have to worry about unreadable faxes.

I am thinking Google Docs or Drop box or something similar. It has to be VERY EASY- some of these guys have very few computer skills and some would have to come by the onsite office at the end of the day and log on to the office computer. After reading about Drop Box I don’t see where it has an online spreadsheet to actually update the document.

Ideally they could go to a bookmarked website, put in their password, open their timesheet, update their hours and click save and log out. Done in 10 minutes or less.

Any clever ideas are welcome.