Electric Service Masts

Anyone else have electric service masts attached directly to homes in their parks? I noticed this in some parks around the area I live. I have mostly seen service poles with multiple ganged meter boxes attached but was wondering if anyone regularly attaches directly to the homes and what benefit or drawbacks are associated with this.

I have seen the setup you’re talking about in some older parks, but nowadays the Electric companies always want centralized meter banks. This provides easier reading and reduces load shedding (with shorter wire runs) between the transformer to the point of service.

You may still see your setup in small town cooperatives allowed, but I have not seen one recently.

I am going through the process of upgrading all my service poles… one by one. I got permission from the utility company to install separate poles for each home instead of the old meter banks. This way when I need or want to upgrade it is only one expense at a time.

If my understanding is correct you are talking about areal service wires. In my area masts/areal wiring is not used, buried services are the norm. The disadvantage of masts is aesthetics and greater potential for damage to services.
Regardless of whether a community has individual or ganged meter boxes, my community has both, the option to go areal or buried was made at the time of establishing the community by the community owner. Areal would have been less expensive.