Easiest way to do payroll & withholding for an employee?


I’ve got a new greeter who is going to make $500/month.

What’s the lowest hassle way to get them up and running to get paid? ADP, paychex?

What kind of fees do the services charge and what has been your experience?

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I like Bill Pay from Wells Fargo. It cuts them a check and mails it to them. Big plus is that it’s free.

Let me clarify, what I mean is a service where they will take care of withholding and tax issues and what not…thanks

We have used Paychecks and another company called HR Resources I believe back when we had a company with 20+ employees. There is a cost associated with their service but they will take care of all payroll taxes, etc for you as well as prepare your quarterly reports. Personally for just one person I would just do it myself as many accounting programs can be set up to do payroll with deductions, taxes etc.

Personally, I like using an outside provider for payroll but there should be a note of caution. Make sure whoever you use is financially stable and reliable. There have been too many cases where the provider took the money to make payments to the IRS and did not do so. That leaves you responsible for payment and penalties to the IRS.

ADP is who I have used for many businesses.

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The other advantage of using a payroll service is that they often include workers compensation insurance too. Historically, that’s been a hard coverage to find for low payroll mobile home park operations as too many part timers file claims associated with off the job injuries. So if you can take advantage of the payroll providers Workers compensation offering, do that.