Due diligence question

Found MHP I’m interested in, wanting to do some diligence before considering an offer.  Where do I go to answer some questions like1. average apt cost.2. average SFR cost3. employment and population baseAnything else you can think of. 

All of those can be found on www.bestplaces.net. But those are not the items you need before making an offer, and they are also not nearly enough items for correct due diligence. To make the offer you need to know 1) how many occupied lots 2) the current lot rent and 3) who pays water and sewer. For due diligence, you need to use our 30 Days of Diligence Guide, as there’s way too many items to verify to list here.

Thanks Frank, I already have all of that info from the seller.  He knows you and Dave so I assume he is a past attendant of the bootcamp.I also have the diligence manual here, been going through the CD’s.Plus, spent days going through the past year plus of posts.He seems to be asking a pretty fair price.  Asking 1.5, by my quick math worth about 1.2-1.3, but I’ll post the details here if we get to that point.