Due Diligence Paperwork

So any of you guys that have done due diligence know that there is a ton of paperwork. How do you keep it organized and usable. I use a three ring binder but it seems hard to manage i know the obvious things but what do you guys do to keep this managable

I’m closing deal #2 shortly and have barely used any paper whatsoever on either deal. Credit is due to sellers that have been somewhat organized and able to scan and email docs. I do everything through Google Drive and Dropbox.

My experience as well. Seller was very organized. Really just filled in the blanks on the Manual and a separate postal envelope with all the seller papers.

Start with organized e-files of all your records and you’ll be way ahead from now until the day you sell. Files for tenants, accounting, contracts, contractors, insurance, finance, employees, utilities, government… Are all good starts.

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