Dropbox for Business MHP Application

Silly basic question I guess…

For those who are using Dropbox for their MHP Business, have you upgraded to business (and if so, was it Standard or Advanced) and do you feel you have received additional value for your business for the added cost with the additional features they offer?

Any comments or input is appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

We use Dropbox for Business. I don’t think it’s the Advanced Tier. I do not feel there is much value added beyond the regular Dropbox, but I don’t know how limited regular Dropbox has become.

I have often discussed the “ecosystems” we use in our business to my staff. I am “with” Google Drive and Dropbox and Quickbooks Online and Rent Manager Online (version iX) etc.

The point is, I use Google Drive with my managers as a “shell” – i.e. Hello new manager after the old one went bad, you need to be able to run gmail and get to “your” Google Drive and print files & forms there etc. I can upload a PDF to there and you can grab it whenever you need it.

I do not use Dropbox with my managers. I use Dropbox for my back-end files within my management office. On-site they have paper files that they take to court, if necessary. We have fax-scan-PDF of the “files” in Dropbox.