My parents own a community on a lake, and we have 17 lots that are on the lakefront. One of the perks to being in this park is that there are 18 docks where the residents can park boats, swim, fish, etc. The rule goes that each resident on the water has to share their dock with someone off the water. However every year the dock situation is more of a pain than the last. This past Monday my husband and I were in waders pulling them out ourselves. Some residents have gone ahead and bought their own docks, and we do not install or remove them. The residents who have bought their own docks do not want to share with anyone off the water. Should we start charging a dock fee? I would prefer if we did not have to provide docks at all. My parents are not sure what should be done. Right now the rent throughout the park is the same for everyone. It used to be higher for the water front lots. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this dock situation.