Do it yourself

I would like to know what is the downside of starting from the ground up on a mobile home yourself?? Do you think that is a good idea v trying to buy someone elses?

I am not sure I understand your question.

Are you asking if it would be easier to build a mobile home yourself from scratch vs. buying a used one?

If so, think about this for a minute.

Think about what you could pay for a nice, used car. Then try and build that car from pieces you have to buy at retail. The costs would be many times the price of a used car.

Now consider all the inspections and codes you would run into. Then there would be the licensing you would need for (at the very least) electrical. It would probably cost you more to hire an electrician that it would to buy the entire home.

Buying used homes for very little money and fixing them up IS how I make my living.

The time you can buy used homes and get them making money with some fix up compared to entirely building a home is immeasurable to me.

Maybe I completely misread your post.


I answered your post above. I agree with Tony - don’t do it.