Do I Need to Compensate the Tenants for Not Getting Water

Update: Technicians came back our and said they thought the problem was in the pump house and that the large tanks had clogged filters. They by-passed the filters and we have water and will need to get the filters replaced Monday. Not sure that’s all they did but water is flowing to the homes again as of last night and this morning. But it still does not explain how all the water can get out of the cisterns and no tenant received the water. Oh well the techs will give me a full report with the bill at $185 per hour and maybe it will make sense.

We are wondering if we should compensate the tenants for 10 days of no water and just the inconvenience of it? Some stayed in motels, others used paid laundry facilities, bought water, etc

Should we say we will give everyone $30 off next months rent at a minimum and if it is more than that submit receipts for reimbursement? Do you think that is a good idea? We just don’t want to lose anyone and just want to be fair.