Do any of the FL MHP owners/ buyers on here have a decent attorney to review sales contract?

Do any of you who have bought parks in FL found a decent attorney to review sales contracts to ensure they are FL compliant? I have one but his prices have gone way up with the now booming real estate market and he’s not really well versed at all in MHP’s. If you do and could pass along their info I would greatly appreciate it.

Private message sent with a referral

Noel, can you please message that attorney reference to me as well? Thanks!!

Honestly guys just call the FLMHA and ask for their attorney. Especially if you have POH you need to know the rules, there are 3 different sets of rules depending on the percentage of POH.

Their attorney is an encyclopedia and not that expensive. If I had his info handy I’d forward it, but just call them tomorrow

Coach, thanks for the info unfortunately they will only give advise to members and they will only accept membership from people who are already park owners or already in the industry. So once I get a park under my belt I’ll be joining. They are sending me a list of attorneys who are members and well versed in MHP law.

Thanks again.