Developing Lots

I was wondering if anyone would know what the average costs and concerns of developing new lots to an existing park would be?  Does it vary state to state?  Should I be contacting the City Planning Office to see what their requirements are along with the Utility Companies?Thank you for any feedback offered.

Contact the county or municipality that the park is located in to find out their requirements.

I’m in the process of adding 10 lots onto an existing park. Between the surveyor, civil engineer, Corps Jurisdictional Wetlands Letter and filing fees with the Planning Commission, I have already spent $8,610. Very expensive start before any of the actual development costs are incurred. Your costs may not be as much where you’re located. Will depend on your local.

Thank you for the response.  That gives me a general idea of what I’m looking at.  Yikes!

I find myself in a similar situation. The park we’re considering has about 20 additional undeveloped lots with electricity hookups but no water/sewer yet. Does anyone have a rough ballpark of what it would cost per lot to install water/sewer (City water/ sewer that runs through the rest of the park is a few yards away)?