Developing a MHP

We own 30 acres free & clear contiguous to our 50 unit park. We are considering expanding another 50 lots. What is a ballpark development cost per lot? Land is in Charlotte North Carolina MSA.

I’m going to guess $10k per lot plus cost of homes.

My standard guess is $20k per lot. So. It’s just a guess.

I would say more than that. You have to get the lot platted first and then you have to pay for impact fees, engineering designs, if it’s in the city then probably asphalt driveway, curbs, driveways, street lights, water and sewer tapping fees, etc. If you are outside the city limits its way cheaper.

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@BillyRay In Florida, we budget for $15k per space. That includes utilities, roads, plans, and impact fees. The CASH program seems like a very attractive option to fill with new homes, but it depends on your budget. We’re currently expanding an RV park in Tampa Florida, and it’s been a learning experience!

Hey BillyRay,

We are local to the Charlotte area. Congrats on finding a place to do this in Charlotte! To do this you have to consider the cost of infrastructure, pads, and homes if you are going to bring them in yourself. Impact fees are going to depend on whether you want 1 meter or individual meters direct billed. Additionally, you have to look at engineering/architect fees, cost of water/sewer/electric lines, and cost of pads. This is going to vary based on the exact municipality you’re dealing with in the area. Another consideration are the roads; the difference in gravel vs. Asphalt is going to be huge.

We are developers and are very familiar with doing horizontal development. Feel free to shoot me an email; we may be VERY interested in partnering with you.