Depression in a roof

Hi all. I have a 1968 model home with a tin roof , slightly rounded. The problem I have with it is that there is a depression in it on one side about 10 feet by 3 feet that is low enough to allow water to stand. This of course led to leaks. Now I have a hole in the ceiling about 10 ft by 3 ft. and the trusses, if you can call them that have rotted away from their connection with the outside walls. To further complicate things, I cannot remove the unit from it’s present position (on an owned lot) in the Fl. Keys, because replacing it will mean 100K in costs to upgrade to a new “approved” unit. Lots of restrictions here. If I could only find a solution to hump that low spot back to origional shape and ensure water run off, I’d be set. I can fix the rotten trusses by sistering to them and reinforce the exterior wall to hold them, but if the water remains and just sits, well- the problem wont go away. Roof overs are 3700+ and it looks like it already has one on it. Any suggestions?