DEP & Water Testing

I have a park under contract in Pennsylvania and there is public/city water and sewer. The water has a master meter at the front of the park that the park pays for and there are private meters on each home. The private water company does the reading and directly bills the home owner. During due diligence, the state (PA) DEP stepped in and said that if the park wants to continue billing the home owners for water, then “ports” need to be installed to test the water lines that run from the master meter to each home (the lines are owned by the park).

Does anyone have any experience with this? I thought it was pretty common to have private meters and since the water is supplied by the public utility, this was a non-issue. If anyone can offer me any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

Since no one has made a comment I will try!! We have friends who decided with city water to bill tenants for usage. The city (State) than made the park owner jump through bureaucracy; lead and copper testing, monthly bacteria, making park owner post yearly testing results etc. When you sell water in some cases you become a public utility which can be a Pandora box. The owner went to court and today he has nothing for all the headaches for billing monthly for water. In our case we have never billed separately for water ( with over 12 parks) and in one case installed new public water supply to have our monthly cost for water go from $5,000 per month with city water to $240 per month for wells. Tread very carefully on this issue and basically check to see the + and - side. The enforcers can make your life miserable–pick a fight you KNOW you can WIN!!!