Death of a tenant

A tenant died in one of our parks a few months back, he owned the trailer we own the dirt. It has been 4 months and the brother tried selling the trailer with no luck. How do I file for this at the courts as a standard eviction? The property is in Texas.

Just call the brother and tell him that you can buy the trailer and save him from paying lot rent. Make sure you inspect the trailer completely before inking the deal. Keep your offer on the low side.

Just file an eviction in the name of the tenant and/or all occupants. He clearly won’t show up and you’ll win a default judgement. Along the way, see if you can get the heirs to just give you the house, or sell it to you at a small price (like $500) which would be the best way to proceed.

The brother said I can take it but he doesnt have the title for it.

So maybe the best bet is to file eviction, get a default judgement and get writ of possesion ?

Either have the brother file for a ‘lost title,’ get a new one, and sign it over to you, or you file for ‘abandonment’ and take title that way.


No, instead let it sit vacant for a little while, and take it as abandoned property. Consult an attorney on the steps to do this correctly. That will cure the title problem theoretically.