Dealing with hoodlums under the age of 14

I have 2 or 3 family who’s children are not well supervised. It seems like a couple of times per year they will shoot out a window, street light or someone’s pet with an air rifle…break into a shed when no one’s looking…roar around the park on dirt bikes, etc… The sheriff will be called and these kids will deny any involvement. The parents will back the kids story. I’m changing my park rules to not allow air rifles or unlicensed vehicles of any type. I’m wondering if there’s any one out there who has developed some successful strategies in dealing with

young troublemakers. Unfortunately these families pay rent on time…so an eviction on that basis is not possible. Any ideas ?

If it’s hurting your park to the point that it may run off the good tenants, then just non-renew their leases (ask an attorney first to make sure that works in the state you’re in). If it’s very occasional, then call the police when it happens and let them decide what to do with them.

There is a good thread going on this site regarding security cameras …


I would research the tenancy rules for your state and if non renewal is not an option I would attempt to evict based on the vandalism. Proof using security cameras would be helpful but may not be effective.

You need to make it crystal clear to the parents that you do not believe their defence of the children and you will evict if there is any further occurrences. I would strongly suggest that they either do not know of their children’s actions or are lying to protect them.

Intimidation may be your best and only tool.

we had the same problem with a few tenants. we tried working with the parents to get them to get control of their kids. the parents did not seem to really care about what their kids were destroying. We threw out the first two and after their leaving it has not been an issue since.

We’ve had the same experience – if you evict one or two of the worst offenders, it scares everyone else into compliance. The same thing happens when you evict the first tenant for non-payment when you take over a poorly managed park that did not believe in evictions. The residents think you’re just bluffing all the way up to the Writ of Execution, and then everyone gets sobered up quickly when that first tenant gets tossed out. I’m sure there’s a book on crowd control that supports this theory.

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