Deal Analysis Offered

I’m offering a free deal review for anyone looking for analysis. All I’m asking for in return is honest feedback. I don’t make recommendations on whether or not to purchase, but I can provide meaningful analysis of expenses, projected cash on cash returns, and strategy after purchase.

About me - I own a two family in Brooklyn, increased value by 265% in 7 years. I also own a small park, achieving nearly 20% cash on cash returns in year 1, and added approximately $100k in value. I’m a CEO and graduate of Goldman Sachs 10KSB program. Looking to help people who need insight at the deal analysis stage.

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Will you be interested in reviewing on “Bridge lending evaluation”.
I am a private lender lending my personal/family money.

I am not Mobile park owner nor interested in buying one.
What I am interested is reviewing bridge lending deals.
So far I only lend to single family homes, condo and small apartments.
No experience in lending to Mobile homes or parks.

What I need help is

  1. How to evaluate a park or home for lending.
  2. Pitfalls
  3. Tips and guidelines from people with expertise in doing this.

Thank you

Sure, I’ll DM you so we can connect.

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im interested in a bridge loan,free and clear mhp ,large MSA
350 lot rents
50% occupied and filling now

Hello, I would be very interested in a analysis if you are still offering one.

Brassring, I am interested in learning about your service.

Sure, DM me and we can connect.