Dead guy in my park

Ok so working on turning around the park I closed on April 22. There was a squatter in an abandoned trailer and the previous owner didn’t do anything for years to get this guy out so it became my problem. So I had a notice placed on the door telling him that he was trespassing and he had 10 days to move out or the police would be involved in removing him. Well like I said we had the notice placed on the door in such a way that it would be torn if ignored and the door was opened, well for the last 4 days the door had not been opened so I asked my park manager to take a look in there to see if he had moved on so we could do what needed doing with the trailer. So yes you guessed it he did “move on”, apparently in his sleep apparently the day the notice was placed on his door. The park manager may be quitting, as this may have been a bridge too far for her, but I’ll find out when I get down there tomorrow how things are. I kind of just had to get it off my mind.

@MichaelG , first of all “Congratulations” on purchasing a MHP!

How very exciting! Even more exciting than you ever ‘thought’ it could be :slight_smile:

My Husband and I own 2 MHPs and we can feel your pain.

Now we have not had a person die in our MHP (as of yet), but we can still sympathize with you.

After you purchase a MHP you find that the “Devil is in the Details”.

By owning a MHP you find that you learn all kinds of new and interesting things.

You also find that your friends with ‘day jobs’ might not understand all the happenings in a MHP.

Thus, it is always nice to have a place to vent to others that can understand.

We wish you the very best!

As an owner-operator I have discovered 4 deaths with 2 committing suicide and 2 natural causes. The 2 suicides had life threatening issues and one person I had spoke with 30 minutes earlier before he shot himself. I totally understood his reasoning since he did not want to be a burden to his wife or go to a REST home although I am sure he never talked about it with her. Trying to help the remaining family members is difficult but we try to lend a helping hand in time of need. At times we fail to remember our limited time here and be patient when people suffer lost of loved ones.
We weep with those that weep and celebrate with those that celebrate–life is a journey–be a life boat someday you might need one yourself.

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I have had numerous deaths in my community. It is inevitable as many/most of my residents are seniors. I provide my condolences and then, as their landlord, step back. Family and friends are generally there to provide the support necessary and it is not a time for my involvement as a landlord. At some point in time I will be informed regarding whether the death will impact their decision to stay or move. Tenants come and go for many different reasons death is simply one of those reasons.

We have had several deaths in our parks but the toughest one was the 29 year old woman who blew herself up by exploding meth and left 2 small children. You see the realities of life and death in this business for sure.

As one of my contractors once said - if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

So I went down to the park this weekend to get some things done and found out that the guy was not interested in having friends or taking any kind of charitable contributions from the good people in the park. I also found out that the coroner later judged the time of death to be in the 2 week range. So I guess it’s good that I have the park because with the old owner there would have been a skeleton there for all he cared about the park. We are letting the city take care of finding surviving family members and I have a couple of good people going through the rest of the place to find any personal effects. The state of the place is hermit hoarder sheik and I got my first hand understanding of the dirtier side of park life.