DD Contractors for Inspections

Hi All,

I’m ready to start scheduling contractor inspections, survey, phase 1 and appraisal. I reached out to the state MHP association for referrals. I’m wondering if I should seek electricians and plumbers who have experience with MHP’s or if any will do. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks in advance.

Any plumber with a camera should do fine. Some electricians don’t want anything to do with mobile home parks but you should be able to find one to do a basic inspection of the infrastructure. Have them look at each pedestal, outside and inside, and provide you with info on the ones that he feels are bad or dangerous along with an estimate to have them fixed.

Our company is a full service firm providing assessments (Phase I, Zoning certificates, Surveys, due diligence, etc.) and appraisals. Please reach out to me ehanson@bbgres.com for more information.

Thank You! That’s good info. I’m gonna blitz the phone today and try to get as many resources as I can before I head out to the park in a couple weeks.