Dallas / Ft Worth new homes- Who do you use, why?

So I am ready to pull a few homes into a park I have in Ft Worth. I have a few Legacy’s in there now, and I am looking at Clayton. Who are you all using for new homes and why? Do any of the manufactures support financing homes once they are in your park?  

We’re financing using one of the CASH programs with Clayton and it’s working although there is a lot (in my opinion) of paperwork and overhead setup involved.  We’re getting Clayton homes (in Texas from Bonham plant) but I think they are willing to finance other manufacturers also.I know Frank recommends Legacy, which gives approximately the same deal with slightly different terms.  At least it was approximately the same deal the last time I checked.  In our case, 21st finances 100% of the home cost plus closing costs; we “finance” the setup.  We are then free to rent and the loan is prepayable at any time (if we sell the home).Brandon@Sandell