Cutting costs at my parks


 I am alwys looking for ways to keep costs down in my Parks.  I was just wondering if anyone out there has any novel ideas or suggestions that I may not have already tried.  If you have found something that works good for you, please let me know.


Well, so far I have tried hiring teenagers as managers, criminals as maintenance guys, and instead of fixing my rentals, I sell them as “fixer uppers”. :slight_smile: Just kidding, Jeeze! Currently I am working on putting water meters on some homes in one of my parks so that they can be billed for water and sewer by the city and not me. That will help in the long run. Instead of rental homes we have a lease with an option to buy witch is working out well, we seem to be getting more quality tennants and that helps if the homes are turned back over to us. Any other ideas rolling around out there?

I think you are well on your way! I would scrutinize every cost and find ways to minimize. If you install water meters you can usually have residents obtain their own trash receptacle (if they don’t already have one) and the city will bill them directly.

I would definitely advertise by placing ads in your local greensheet/pennysaver/thrifty nickel (best advertising results and least expensive) as well as let your residents know that you will pay a bonus (we offer $300) if they refer a friend/relative/etc. and the person buys a home from you on lease option.