Crisis = opportunity

Corey mentions that the real estate market is crumbling, that the banks are stockpiling homes, and that his plan is to re-enter that market in mid- to- late 2009. “The dam will break soon, and when it does, life is going to be AMAZING” (for the prepared investor).

Although I am not a self-appointed prophet, a witchdoctor, or a politician, the writing is on the wall for anyone to see and prepare for the eventual crisis, which equates with opportunity. History does rhyme.

Briefly, our government is technically bankrupt with tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded obligations. The presidential candidates (except for Ron Paul) promise even greater, unconstitutional socialism and more war if they get elected. The Federal Reserve, a private cartel of the largest banks–domestic and foreign individuals–has the legislative support to literally print dollars at their pleasure, without restraint. The information offered by the mass media is at least misleading and at worst manufactured. Our government will probably create another “Resolution Trust Corporation” to bail out the failing banks and lending institutions by purchasing their foreclosures and bad loans, all at the additional expense of the tax payer. Pertinent statistics can be found at

The evidence is overwhelming in support of Cory’s observations and expectations. Therefore, Crisis equals Opportunity! Life for the prepared investor of real estate in general and mobile homes in particular seems to be heading for a flood of AMAZING prospects. The dam is full of cracks can not be repaired.

Bernd, I definitely agree with your synopsis. We will start seeing the great deals when the banks decide to rid themselves of the stockpiles of bad loans and assets they are carrying on their books.

I believe you will start to see the banks unloading some of this stuff this Summer once the rates drop even more. The Federal Reserve is going to drop the rates in hopes that the banks can bail themselves out with a higher spread.

Keep your cash. Those with cash, or access to it, are going to make a huge profit in the coming years.