Craigslist test ads?

Just put test ad on craigslist ( been on there about 10 days) in metro area about 40 minutes from park we are looking at. No calls!! But talked to two local Realtors in the town where the park is located. They told me that there was a big demands for rentals and affordable housing. They get 5-6 calls a day for rentals. This is from two different companies. But no calls from ad. Going to put ad in paper just wanted some feed back before I did. Anyone have this happen to them?

I usually say something to the effect of “clean 3/2 mobile home for rent” and will place the location within a few blocks of the actual property address under contract. Your price for a 3/2 should be about the same of a 2/1 apartment’s rent in the area. I also use an app like Burner to get a temp phone number as some people will not email. Then just ask people to call, text, or email. I include a single sample picture of the outside that would be representative of the existing homes…

I did this in one small town of 8K people that I expected to be a flop due to general population decrease and rental vacancies (per bestplaces), but ended up getting one call per day for over a week. Not amazing, but definitely acceptable.

If you do search on here Frank has already answered this and his method does seem to work best.

Craigslist may not be the choice of renters in that area.

@Coach62 is it the topic you are referring to? Please share some test Craigslist advertisements!