Covid19 How are you all doing out there in MH Land?

How is everyone doing? Anyone finding things to be more difficult with the covid19 shut down or are you all doing ok? Some parks are I’m sure having some tricks up their sleeves to keep their residents cooperative and safe.
Any thoughts? Hope you all are well. Just wanting to stop over and say hi to everyone - it’s been a minute since I posted last. :slight_smile:

We are doing ok.
Our Governor put a directive in place that we could not evict. To date we are at a 92% collection rate. The 8% not collected have been directly affected by Covid-19.
I do believe that all but one of those tenants will have their rent paid in full in a few weeks. We have always had great paying tenants and we have never let them get behind in the past. I have had to put more work into management than I normally have to. Making phone calls, making sure they call the right number for unemployment, pushing them to be proactive etc.

It’s not where we want to be but given the circumstances I suppose it could be worse.

Business as usual other than zero new home sales. Rent collection this month and last month was 100%. Our state put a freeze on evictions too but everyone affected by covid was able to pay their rent or have the state or local assistance programs pay it. All in all we have been fortunate.

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Sorry for delayed response, is it overall even better now? or still about 92%? What state are you operating on if I can be nosy, we have similar moratorium that was just lifted in WA.

That is awesome, apart from the new home sales taking a dive. What state are you in? I think they just lifted our freeze recently… like just recently.

I’m in Maine. Collections are still 100% and I sold my last few homes so now the occupancy is at 100% too. Fortunately business has basically been status quo for me throughout Covid.

nice. waving from washington state lol