Cost per mile to move

Approximately how much per mile should it cost to move a singlewide?


I just moved a 14x64 and most quotes were 6-8

The movers will quote based on total miles and cost varies a lot based on market and competition in the area. For example, I moved a home 50 miles for $2,300 last year. I am getting quotes to move one 200 miles and it’s coming in around $4,000 - am trying to find a mover deadheading for a better deal. It’s all about the routes the movers have to take, and also if there’s special breakdown and setup activities that have to happen that influence price (e.g. teardown block skirting or large porches).

There was a good podcast on this a couple week back by Jefferson Lily & Co., episode 32.

here is the link to the Podcast @jhutson was referring to…