Consulting Arrangement

What is the typical structure some of you have used when being a consultant for a park owner?

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When I used to do that, I charged by the hour (around $300/hour), or had a flat daily rate of $1,500.



It really depends on what the subject matter is, what type of consulting is being done, and the level of expertise of the consultant.

If the subject is fee structure our consultancy charges:

Hourly: $150 per hour to $600 per hour.
Daily: Hourly rate times 10 and then divided in half.
Project Rate: Once the project is defined, we quote a price in full fee for the project if the project has definable perimeters of time and cost.
Some things are closer to products than consulting and they have set prices.

The hourly rate varies based on:

  • The complexity of the consulting work itself;
  • The expertise level of the person or persons necessary to do the consulting correctly.