Hi everyone, new owner to be here.  I have attended two of the boot camps and I am currently looking to purchase my first MHP.I have run into a couple of the above agreements and occasionally get wording wanting me to acknowledge a fee will be paid for a commission.And, once or twice, an additional fee schedule was emailed to me wanting my signature to acknowledge same.  Now, I understand realtors wanting to get paid but in the past, the real estate I have bought involving a commission has been paid by the seller.  Please give me your views on these agreements and how you may handle same.  I have no problem keeping things confidential but I feel, at times, the realtor wants me to guarantee his payment resulting in some interesting conversations, to say the least.  Thank you in advance.

In some cases sellers do not offer to compensate an agent. In those cases the agents are having you sign something that says you will cover the commissions. I would view the money paid as a ‘bird dog’ fee of sorts. 

Thanks Jim, I appreciate your insight.