Compensation for Mobile Home Park On Site Manager

I am looking to hire a new manager to manage a park consisting of approximately 60 homes. Most of the homes are lot rental only (the resident owns his or her own home) and I have 2 to 3 straight rentals and 5 rent to own homes. We will be bringing a couple of vacant homes back on line and renting.

I will provide the husband and wife a mobile home to live in. What is a standard rate regarding additional compensation such as utilities and additional money?


Industry standard compensation for managers is:

  1. $10/lot/month for every ROH

  2. $15/lot/month for every POH (rentals and RTOs)

  3. $10/lot every time it needs to be mowed (fill your lots so you pass this cost on to residents!)

  4. Free lot rent (not house rent, not utilities)

As a general rule, management expenses should be around 5% of your gross. Maintenance is additional, and not considered part of management and could be another 5% of gross rents.

Your mileage may vary,


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