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Does anyone do a community newsletter and if so do you use a service that creates it for you. We would like to start a quarterly newsletter for our parks but would like to either have a company do it for us or have a template to go off of.

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We do one quarterly. I type it up myself. It just includes major updates and FYI’s. People seem to like it. It takes 30 minutes as part of the billing cycle for my park, so I can’t justify outsourcing it. I suppose my VA could do it…

I like the quarterly idea as long as there is enough good info. I think only an owner has the best perspective of what he wants his tenants to know. Any templates to share?

What type of items did you cover in your last few issues, if you don’t mind sharing?

I try to do a quarterly newsletters in my parks also. I find that I am much more diligent in the first year or two of ownership.

My common headings / topics are below.

  1. “Safety First” - Includes a reminder of the 10 MPH speed limit, tornadoes/storm/evacuation issues, etc.
  2. “Resident Changes” - I let people know who is coming and going, it helps to develop a “community”.
  3. “Park Rules And Regulations” - Any updates on rules and reinforcement of common themes - keeping yards clean, no yard cars, skirting in good shape, dogs on leashes (the usual drill). And anything specific that came up in the last quarter.
  4. “Park Maintenance and Stuff Like That” - Need for heat tape (I’m in MN), tree removal & trimming, road work, etc.

I can send a prior newsletter to you if you give me an email address. Hope this helps.

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I’m happy to share and will PM you a copy. Since I am expanding my RV park we have more to talk about than usual.

Our latest newsletter had the following:

  1. If you remember back from other threads we had “the neighbor’s trespassing dog” issue so we warned the residents an electric fence would be put up for temporary use on very specific days and to please stay away + take note of the electric fence signs posted.

  2. We are constructing a new washateria on site inside of a 20 foot one-trip shipping container. Included some rough dates when that would be available.

  3. On site Manager changed and provided an update about that.

  4. Seasonal warning about wrapping pipes in freezing weather and best practices, etc.

In the next one I will probably ask for people to give us some reviews on social media, or tell their friends about us, etc. to facilitate infill.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the info. yes could you send a sample to

I would like a copy if you would please