Community Clean up Day

I know we had a thread about community parties around here but I couldn’t find it …wish this site was more searchable

ANYWAY, spring looks like it might actually arrive here in the frozen north, and that would be a good day for a community cleanup day…I used to just provide a dumpster and say “FILL IT UP” but that was over a period of 10 days

I’m thinking of having a community cleanup or “community pride” day late in May (the weekend before Memorial day probably) where I would encourage people to sign up via facebook or phone call or note and pledge time to do the work, or post a job that needs done…shed painted, something repaired, yard cleaned up etc

I would provide a couple of high school kids, my self and my business partner and a dumpster.

I would start out by: doing a lot by lot inspection working up a community garden space that has fallen into disuse, sweeping the streets in the days before the event to get people thinking about cleaning up, setting a dumpster in place

those who pledge time and actually put in some time will get to use some equipment I have such as power washer etc. will get a reward…probably a gift card to a local nursery and or a hot dog bbq at the bonfire of the picked up tree limbs

who has done anything like this? what works and what doesn’t…while I don’t mind bringing the hammer down. I’d like to use a voluntary method instead…I’ve found it really is better to have to tenants love you than fear you…although a little fear isn’t a bad thing LOL