Collect rent after give 3 day eviction notice?

They are offering to pay the rent should I take the rent currently due after I handed them the 3 day eviction notice?
They are not late but need to go otherwise.

So are you wanting to non-renew their lease, or are you fine with them living in the park as long as they pay the rent?

I want them gone from the park.

They have no lease with me since I took over so they are a tenant at will. On another eviction my lawyer accepted a payment from that tenant saying they still have to pay rent.

It would seem that your lawyer would be the most knowledgeable person in this area. Landlord Tenant laws vary greatly across the country.

Assuming you are not in some crazy regulated state like California, I’d just non-renew their lease. You probably need to provide them 30 days notice. So give them notice now. I think you can collect the rent for this month and up to the date you give them notice to be out.

But I’m not an attorney, so you should get one to advise you on this. You really only need an attorney once. After you learn the non-renewal process for your state, you can do it yourself from then on.

Good luck,


According to the notice, if the tenant clears all the dues in time, there will be no option to force for leaving. If you are determined to make them leave you have to include other conditions in the notice rather than the issue of late payments. It may be a matter of violating the agreement rules or anything else. In this concern an expert professional from the eviction firms will be better supportive. I may suggest the name of Express Eviction as the professionals have provided a better support in my own need. Thanks for the conversation.