Cold Calling

Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to side step managers to get to the owner when cold calling?  I’ve been kicking around the idea of saying I’m an appraiser so the manager will actually give my number to the owner.  Just not sure if that will sour up the conversation when he finds out I’m not.

There’s no good way to talk to the owner under these circumstances. Try to find the owner through property tax records and bypass the manager altogether… If all else fails, maybe tell the manager that you are trying to reach them about a real estate deal, without being specific that it’s regarding the park.

Sounds good.  I definitely appreciate it.  

I have people that contact our managers who give some song and dance about needing to talk to me. I choose to believe people and call back, just to find they told some story to talk to me. At that point I am done. If you are deceptive I just do not have an interest in dealing with it… I also get people that are upfront about their intentions and I am happy to speak with them. My managers are very good at passing on messages. They do not give out my numbers, but they do pass on peoples contact info to me. I have found, if I call a manager of a park and tell them I am looking to purchase a park in their area, and I thin ask if I can talk to them for a few minutes- not about their park but about some of the other parks in the area- I get very, very good info. Managers will know about other parks what is going on with them. They are a great source of developing leads and intel. Asking someone to divulge information about their place can be a bit tricky, but people love to talk about what they know about others… 'ya know- the old boy that own’s that auto parts store bitches every time I see him in court doing an eviction. Last year he said the park was a pain in his rear and he is tired of dealing with the people that live there. Yep- Smiths Auto Parts, right next to the greasy spoon on past the railroad tracks down yonder…'If you call enough managers in an area, you will have all the dirt on all the parks without asking question one about the park they manage. That is your cold call tip from me for the day… you do not need to be tricky to develop leads in this way, and if someone really gives you good info- tell them thanks and offer to send them a starbucks card. With it put in a little note reminding them if they ever hear of someone thinking they want to sell a park, to let you know. 


Awesome info Jim!  Never would have thought to do that.  I figured the deceptive tactic wouldn’t work in a million years and probably lead to one hell of a cussing.  Something I’d definitely like to avoid when possible!