City is forcing Master Metering water to all parks

They will give the park the meters and make the owner pay one bill.
I would like to ask how you guys/gals handle it? Read each meter or just split it out according to how many occupants?

@investinmobiles , as per your question:
“I would like to ask how you guys/gals handle it? Read each meter or just split it out according to how many occupants?”

For our one MHP for Tenant Owned Homes we:
“Read each meter”

For the Park Owned Homes we:
“Incorporate the water bill into the rent bill and then watch the usage”

We wish you the very best!

On the surface, it sounds like a good idea for the MHC owner, but what entity is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure? meaning water and sewage lines to each unit from the master meter connection.

It is a good deal for the government, 1 bill, and 1 person to collect from.You will need to research this more closely for your own situation.

Water is becoming a problem everywhere, sometimes supply, sometimes quality, sometimes infrastructure, and so on. Many of these are causing legal headaches.

Add to this that typical water consumption goes up in the winter time typically. The usage can climb 2 or 3 times the summer usage in colder climates according to several government entities.

If I were in your place, I would consider setting up another legal entity and have it responsible for infrastructure as needed, along with billing for actual usage per unit, as well as profits and scheduled maintenance needs cost. It could also collect deposits and or turn off water for non payment.

Thanks for the reply. Do you bill them separate from rent? Do you have any problems collecting… if so what alternatives do you have to make them pay? I think in Texas we cannot shut the water off even though the city can.

@investinmobiles , as per your questions:
QUESTION #1: "Do you bill them separate from rent?"
QUESTION #2: "Do you have any problems collecting?"
QUESTION #3: “Shutting off water”

QUESTION #1: "Do you bill them separate from rent?"
Yes, we do bill them separate from rent.
We read the meters the 15th - 15th (for actual water usage & then it is due on the 1st).
We then create 2 separate bills.
One bill is on Yellow Paper for the Rent.
The second bill is on Blue Paper for the water.
Both Bills are mailed out together around the 21st or 22nd (Rent & Water Due the 1st).
We have a two day turn around for them to receive the mail.
Thus, they get the bills approximately 7 calendar days before the Due Date of the 1st.
We used to print two separate bills but on white paper.
Two sheets of white paper just rocked their worlds.
Thus, we switched to the yellow and blue sheets.

QUESTION #2: "Do you have any problems collecting?"
No, we do not have any problems collecting water.
The first monies we receive from a Tenant go to pay the water bill.
We have Late Fees for both the water bill and different Late Fees for the rent bill.
If money is not paid, it is for the rent bill so we just start the eviction process.
It is amazing how money shows up when the eviction process starts.

QUESTION #3: "Shutting off water"
We NEVER shut off water.
We view it like the eviction process and living in the Mobile Home.
It is just something we have to provide even if the Tenant selects not to pay us.

We wish you the very best!

Excellent Kristen. Very through answers and to the point.
2 color of paper is great idea.

-thank you

Simple way to allocate utility cost is private water sub meters, allows easily to identify leaks, wastes, and unauthorized “extra” residents. When tenants are responsible for their own water use, water usage drops by 35% . We’ve been sub metering MHPs through out the US since 1995. Give me a call or quick e-mail for specific information about your park.
Dan Helton
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Do you currently have a meter at each lot? Is this within the city limits and is this city sewer? I live in Texas and went thru something similar with my park. I had a master meter and hated it. I went to the city council and explained revenue for the city would be less with a master meter. Bottom line they maintain the meters and water breaks.

We have a city meter at each lot and the city will donate them at turn over time. They have yet to contact the tenants about the change which is to take place in December. The city only drops off the meter we have to install and repair any leaks.