City Inspectors

Am I the only one who has issues with city inspectors ?

In Nov. 09 I had a city inspector do a site inspection on my MHP. My experience is that most inspectors are relatively easy to deal with. However this person decided that me as the property owner was directly responsible for all the tenants. I get that and feel that our onsite person does a good job at enforcing the rules. As we all know one issue that is always problematic is skirting. All the homes are skirted however some have small pieces at the bottom missing from using “weed wackers”. The inspector insisted that the homes be re-skirted and if need be at my cost. A little ridiculous , but I agreed to help tenants replace what needed to be. Then the inspector gives a blanket statement that there is trash at all the lots that needed to be removed, but would not be any more specific. A month later after I had a 40 ft dumpster filled by the tenant with trash another citation is issued. For unclean premises with a refusal to specify what specific lots where in violation. Then a week later 8 additional blanket citations and the inspector would not specify what lots were in violation. Today I received a court date for all the citations total fees are about $1,200 plus the treat of this being a misdemeanor against me. Now I try to be a reasonable person, but this is total BS. Again I ask AM I the only one this is happening to?