City Inspector

I’ve been as nice as possible to a city inspector and he has gone completely out of control on our projects. Yesterday he charged me double the city’s normal permit fees just because he demanded such. Earlier in the year he wouldn’t pass an electrical inspection until we clean up tree branches on another property which we did, he will only let us pull permits on one property at a time, he is requiring 200A wiring/support on a 100A service and now he has been flat out angry dealing with my new licensed electrician in the office, apparently trying to run off another contractor, delay after delay, excessive requirements etc. Four electricians have walked off the job because of this guy and those who will do the work raise their prices terribly. It has gotten very unprofessional, he is on an extreme power quest holding me in his grasp because he doesn’t like my trailers.

We have been nothing but polite and willing to repair with licensed people but now I’m ready to go to war but I have 40 more trailers to rehab, I have a lot at risk here, but the current situation is out of control and the budget is outrageous at his pace. I have tenants lined up and frustrated waiting to move in as well. His fellow inspector has been excellent, fix this and that and passed but he isn’t allowed on my jobs, the jerk has said only he will handle us.